This is the reference documentation for the Next Matter Executor API. It is a RESTful API that can be interacted with by sending JSON formatted requests. Responses are also returned in JSON format.

With the Executor API, authorized users can

  • Interact with process instances to run operations such as
  • Launch a process instance (e.g. based on external system events)
  • Complete steps in active instances (push data from other systems to your Next Matter processes)
  • Update (e.g. name, tags, deadline) an instance
  • Delete an instance
  • Retrieve details of an instance.
  • Retrieve details of a process

The Executor API does not expose any endpoints of the Process Editor. This means you can not use this API to edit the underlying process structure or change its definitions.

Testing a request

Use a third party client, such as curl, Postman, or Advanced REST Client, to test the Next Matter Executor REST API.